Not This Time

Smash it from your handsWeaker self, and you whoDid not take your chanceRestedAssumedForeverFor onceKarmicallyRatherThe impotent oneSits thisOutAnd thePassionateManProves and earnsThe thunder and the dance. By J.W.H. Hobbs.

A Look Back At Chuck Palahniuk

I had a spate of buying these books in my very early 20’s, and they hold a particular place in time for me. When I loved reading and critique, but before thinking of the notion that I could write. It was before I’d even considered the thought, let alone seriously. Not a good writer, and I was told my poetry […]

In Progress

It crestsThe expressionWry, melancholySettled, yet unsettled in the eyesOf pretty, lonely womenBut what you doIn private sightsIs openNot just yourselfWith subtle wordsMosaic menageriesBut the prize itselfTwo figures holdingWhether one live or deadPast or futureNow like old oil studiesCrammed detailGrain in ink scratchApplied to your styleThose figures fortifiedWith stone castle or heartwoodI saw my own forestAnd still cannot handleSharing or believing […]

Art as Challenge, and a Lesson

How do we create art? Much like defining it, observing it. These things are inherently, challenging. We can see this, quite often in fact when perusing art with a most cursory glance. In a way, discussed by millions of individuals, given anonymous or half-occluded profiles and views. How often do we see commentary on what art is, is something true […]

Leonine Purpose

Why?My poems are intendedTo make peopleRiseTo feel the heatWithinThemselvesAnd even when I failMy dreamIs that my words will notThey burn beyond my heart. By J.W.H. Hobbs.

One Small Scene: X9 Playing the Saxophone to Lu Lu

“Lu Lu. Sweet thing.” That beautiful saxophone riff is a little more at the forefront, and not an aesthetic affection while watching the processing lines and the sterile environment. The luddonarrative merges, and watching the skyline change, the misty green and cream tones change, as reds and purple increase with the whirls of the skycars. Then with a plimp!; the […]

George’s Fight

He could have runTwiceUrged Would you? Do we even wantTo runTo leave?Is it much betterLeaving that pull at our shoulderNever removed from knowingWe run Or should it justBe facedBecause a beastBeast-man, or sicklyTrait insideHalf the timeShrivelled when looked in the eyeFiends can have their fists brokenUpon resolveAnd you can riseWith those hard day-after-daysOf toil, not struggleBreak its back, not yoursNot […]

Anti ‘Irony’, Subvert Subversion

The critic, especially the pessimistic one can ruin a thing forever. I’m sure we’ve all encountered this phenomenon as we have to embrace ‘irony’ or humour just to like something, even something popular or…I don’t know, your own damn opinion being paramount. It’s okay to enjoy Judas Priest without a caveat for people who weren’t even born in their heyday. […]

Singularity’s Heart

The universe does notCoalesce into a coreA pointed singularityBut a HeartBeating, bleedingWelling and overflowing withMoreThe passions and emotionsCares and ideasThat weave and threadArticulate our animal existencesTo the heights of Form and ideaAre as far from coldAs a summer forestWhat lies withinAnd the deepest pointUnder the quarksAnd at the macro scaleHas more than brain and boneJust as we doWhen flowing, unthinkingMost […]

X Legion: Empathy in the 40K Battlefield

Within the universal decay of the 31st, and 41st millennium, the tragedy of the human factions highlights through ultraviolence and physical glory what superior mental mindsets and precious human experiences elevate us as individuals and what we do collectively. Compassion and humanity are yes, at odds with the nature of the Imperium, as much as perpetuality and an alien form. […]