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Honest words. Honest messages. Your contact and feedback is always welcome, and I will make sure our replies are as prompt and helpful as possible. If you have an enquiry, a request for a commission or anything else it would be my pleasure to write back to you as soon as I can.

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My creative philosophy has always been that in a combative world filled with pressure, in a world filled with duality we chart our own course and fashion choices. The hard surfaces of ourselves, charging into our duties and obsessions, and how we come back up again and again from our falls are everything. There is nothing more fulfilling, when given an inkling of power or challenge than to truly do right as we see it.

This website is not about a movement or passing feeling, but perpetuating and attempting to stimulate and sustain creative flow. Your creation. Art for the audience has always been a core pillar of my artistic philosophy, something I feel very strongly as a writer that must be revived. Too often pretention and a dismissal of the audience stifles success, when at its core, any art is intended to sway and build the mind and body of the beholder. It is a great gift to give and be given the beauty and wonder of creativity, and that I find more than worth a lifetime of questing inside.

Professional Bio:

I studied at Canterbury Christ Church University to receive a Master of Arts in English Literature, demonstrating a willingness to be diligent and able with Information Technology and the written word. This was a foundation stone, with each certification needing to be surrounded by the books of wiser minds, and the thousands of words I write, ponder, cut, trim, and post as suits me best.

With years of honing my craft and pursuing my literary projects I have built proofreading, copywriting and copyediting experience within a wide range of industries and organisations: including UX/microcopy for independent websites, Medical School Module Handbooks and their Virtual Learning Environment, tour guides, model railway catalogues, monthly articles, product descriptions and charity websites. I’ve enjoyed editing for a prominent indie Record Label, and in just a week crafting an amateur documentary with The Prince’s Trust.

As a copywriter and proofreader, I employ a personalised back-and-forth materials dialogue, offering suggestions, identifying issues with hyperlinks, grammar, spelling, and ensuring that the customer’s voice and best intention is projected in the process from conception to presentation.

With a brief, my editing style employs a rapid dialogue after the initial ‘scan and sweep’, checking to confirm each suggestion and direction may include several drafts with the intention of achieving maximum customer satisfaction. Regarding content and copy creation, I specialise in writing paragraphs, refining and cutting them down to purpose, asking with each iteration whether the client is satisfied until settling upon my services being complete.

My rate of service translates at £30.00 per 1000 words of copy, or an hour of work time. Please contact to discuss editing long or short form copy, poetry and prose.