Art as Challenge, and a Lesson

How do we create art? Much like defining it, observing it. These things are inherently, challenging.

We can see this, quite often in fact when perusing art with a most cursory glance. In a way, discussed by millions of individuals, given anonymous or half-occluded profiles and views. How often do we see commentary on what art is, is something true art, is it profiteering, how is the work ineffable tied to the personal story of the artist, tied to an organisation in some cases?

Yet this is the branch, far removed from the heart of art. The making itself. These discussions, whether shallow, rhetorical statements, or the occasional argument echoed in locations, or between curators and creatives, these modern exercises in the Socratic method of definition through refutation, seeking truth involves the challenge of saying, considering, thinking.

Which is merely the first nanosecond of what an artist, be they someone sculpting their first works of clay, a diligent bricklayer perfecting the wall that holds up a home, or the second-fix Carpenter expertly shaving with high-powered tools the surfaces to be slotted millimetre perfect in place.

To engage with art, on any level is a lesson to us, whether visible or not.

Change is not simply caused by an observation or technique, but an inward state. Conveying that state, encouraging others as a counter to the abundance of demoralisation, that preoccupies me. That is what I wish to convey, to create.

How often, especially nowadays is photographic art painful? Depicting the state of hard workers, those struggling with difficulty? For how many decades has that been the case, for example in the works of Don McCullin, or something you will most likely notice in many public libraries?

There is more beyond the graphic or offputting nature of artistic image and inspiration, though this may be the gateway sensation for many, easily talked about by artists who themselves are acutely aware that this subject is marketable. How can one really get into their innermost convictions, into unique ideas within any fixed timeslot? Could we, throughout the course of a conversation, any conversation express even what it takes realising that out form making a bicep curl was a little incorrect, that we added too much butter to the recipe? What is a story beat did not fit within the context of the character we created? What relief, and joy when we overcome the realities of our own creativity, and loose something others unknown to us enjoy.

I invite you to step in to the Challenge of art, which like all challenges can only benefit you to embrace. There is nothing but emerging conditions, possibilities, and realities when one tries to make something, make anything at all. Lessons too multifaceted, and readily available to ignore.

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