A Look at the Lens: Suits Season 5. Regret, Hurt, and Transition.

Episodic writing naturally lends itself to difficulty with a series carrying on, especially as television has evolved. Serialisation, the idea of a wider plot or point has established itself. Mostly this is due to a satisfying ending, and also the natural desire for writers, directors and audiences to give character development and a ‘point’, for lack of a better word. […]

Heart and Stone

We enlargeCut, file, polishPlace colour or hold itWithin ourselvesOur own marvellous mechanismThe dark jewel of our heartsIs what wears, bears and buysAll the ones warmed by the touch. Something of a jewellers collection forming, as I have come to study and set a particular time of my life. I hope you enjoy it.All the best,J.W.H. Hobbs.

One Small Scene: “I’ve done many terrible things Claudius.”

Livia Drusilla Julia Augusta says continues her discussion with her nephew Claudius. Chalked with perfume to suggest her age, Siân Phillips tone changes, and there is one sentence of clarity before continuing with a great deal more honesty. “I’ve done many terrible things Claudius.” The eyes shake for a moment, the distant look suiting the impressions of classic Rome from […]

The Jeweller’s Art

The size of the gemIts colour, cut, clarityCan still be held by yourHands, the same as mineWhat real wealthAnd worth isGleaned through the factIt has value in the givingThe number merely effortCatching, and discussingPhysical artGilt timepiecesReflecting out curious timeTo sit comfortable and talkCelebrate the occasionThe fiancé, colleague, thenAnd only then with a flourishPolite goodbyesAnd the human within the stone By […]