Smile, Don’t Weep

I cannot weep
Any more
Something better
Not less
Than the tired
“My eyes are dry”
I simply do not see the sense
Gifting salt and water
When there is more to give
People who need me
Whether wiping their messes
Smiling my smile
Fixing my face, and while
Optimistic is not my sighted self
The half-mask is needed
And more wanted
Than the cast-off and cast out
No, when hurt you rise
Wait years, and cut again
You halt the blade within your hand
For your accounts
Your grimaces, dreams and growls
Are yours
And if the lover does not want you
The enemy hates you
Or, most like
The few remain half-attached
You can only win to show your strength
So do not weep
Do not bottle;
But use that rage
The humour, chill or heat within that head
Towards your purpose
It will draw true loyalty or love
And if I have not found it
Not enough stumbles have I seen
And with clear eyes, one sees before me
The multitude we do have.

By J.W.H. Hobbs.

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