Who is ‘We’?

What are ‘we’?
I hear this word a lot
We, when bound in love
Long ago

This I don’t mind
We now seems to be said
By militants
Unelected officials
Dyed and dire rioters all
Pulling at the rage

Not the heart
Ashes of empathy are over
No longer courted
From the silicon sternums
Thousand-yard stares
Those detached from the quiet isle

So to step away
Detach your sight from the other evil
And see
Just the world outside

Where the shivering locals
Boys and girls heading to schools
Laughing mothers and fathers
Car, bike and van drivers All more like ‘we’
Than me
Than how I feel

Once resolved to be solitary
Along with our locked up society
Reaches out for good or ill
Making my art

Smiling in village or city
To experience and not speak
Another plastic word
Real not marketed society.

By J.W.H. Hobbs

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