Back in the Fire

Feeling the fire
The fear
Worst; the laziness
And when you push
For a longer time
And into the repetitions
All you need to beat is anxiety
What seems far away is being done
Bit by bit before you know it
But first you know breathing
Heavy, the heat
Then a sting
It burns to go on
Being tired of feeling tired
It can clench and cramp
But the real fight is in the mind
The real foe, but one that can change
And all body work is pain
Everything rough at the start
But to be confused when you get there
To stand back with a task ticked off
Feeling something to flex
A tension you control
And proof of discipline
Is a certain thing worth fighting for
The only thing known not to leave you
Your own form
Being sculpted painfully
Giving you carpenters splinters
Laborers brick dust
Blood beating and flesh burning
But to change
Is harnessing drives and will
And one of the few things you make seem
In the arena of life
Is one of those pastimes
Where time did not pass you by

By J.W.H. Hobbs

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