Beat the Mob

Insult an enemy and they will curse youConcede to one, and they will mock youBut ignore them, and build your dreams?They and the mob will scream in spite and terror. By J.W.H. Hobbs.

KOTOR II Character Analysis: HK-50(s’)

In KOTOR II fashion the threat and the twisted interpretation of an old element is an evolution: ‘Statement’ is replaced with ‘Derisive statement’. More expression and more humour should bring to mind a comic character; instead of a less sophisticated, more bestial killer. The speech of the first HK50, and subsequently the horde of its copies are more eloquent linguistically […]

Back in the Fire

Feeling the fireThe fearWorst; the lazinessAnd when you pushFor a longer timeAnd into the repetitionsAll you need to beat is anxietyWhat seems far away is being doneBit by bit before you know itBut first you know breathingHeavy, the heatThen a stingIt burns to go onBeing tired of feeling tiredIt can clench and crampBut the real fight is in the mindThe […]

Character Analysis: Stannis Baratheon

The only virtue Stannis Baratheon holds like a faith or support system is law and justice, and these systems he believes and the world encourages are concepts which are not self-sustaining. The gods, happenstance or other terms like fortune lead Stannis to be second born, see his parents die, be little loved and unhappily married, with a disfigured daughter. He […]

The Meditative Space

Nothing but your own warm fleshBlanketed by misfiringThe meditative spaceStretching and stillingAllowing the ticks of muscleBeat of heart and ease of breathTo pass and cycleAnd then watch thoughts flyWhich can surpriseOrder, alarm, pleaseDrift you off to sleepTo heal, to alter stateAll in the shellThe gestalt formAnd its energiesProcessing, refiningBurning and spawningWith the thoughts roilingConscious and unconsciousThe inhuman sensationsOf a human […]

Healing and Temperance in Knights of the Old Republic

A pivotal theme of Bioware’s seminal Star Wars story Knights of The Old Republic, still very influential even many years later for its branching story and the codification and questioning of many concepts of the myths of the galaxy populated and threaded by the Force is the essential nature of healing and temperance. KOTOR is overwhelmingly a story about negating […]

The Dragon

He does not dwell beneath the skyIn a distant land or astral plane. No smoke to sight or bursts of flame Its greed and wrath and prideHad nested deep and dark insideProjecting terror from afarAs monsters and madness makes its wont Its victim has no blade or bowNo hero’s blood or fable to showNor is myth seen or judged to […]

One Small Scene: “I will miss our conversations.”

In the midst of the romanticised death of the traditional samurai, gunned down by an unscrupulous businessman, the opportunistic foreign investor, and the apathetic Emperor there is time for a short joke and memory shared before a warrior aids a samurai in ritualistically taking his own life. “No.” “You have your honour again. [Smiles] Let me die with mine.” The […]