Our Virtues and Vices

Any fairness or foul
Habit or exercise
Done from your will
Any spirit of fairness you hold
Your own
Hold it in your hands
Sculpt it and throw it
Regardless, what it is
Do what you want
And don’t give a damn
What she or we or we
Say or spread or sneak
And do what you want
What you can
In playing and partying
Breaking the books or making them
Snort and scream and sing and be
As you see

Such a large climb
In life
With no sight of summit
Where or even if we climb
What’s real are the handholds
The warmth of the stone
Cold winds and cuts.
The fog and rain
Night and sunlight.

Our sins
Our efforts, powders
Laughter and frowns
The worry lines and tears
All show on the skin
Most in the eyes
And yet
The worst and best of us all
Never shows
And never will
So long as we hold our thoughts
Sacred hates and joys
Projecting outward
Into weathered and worn
Statues and portraits
Working with a canvas
To show much of what we are.

By J.W.H. Hobbs.

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