Character Analysis: Riza Hawkeye

Riza Hawkeye being the Queen within her commander and partner Roy Mustang’s chess motif is an accurate analogy. The most visible, competent piece of great value, as well as implicitly partnered with the King. She has always been useful and her arc is passing from childhood abuse and military abusive orders to serving, directing, and counterbalancing a good man and […]

Our Virtues and Vices

Any fairness or foulHabit or exerciseDone from your willAny spirit of fairness you holdYour ownHold it in your handsSculpt it and throw itRegardless, what it isDo what you wantAnd don’t give a damnWhat she or we or weSay or spread or sneakAnd do what you wantWhat you canIn playing and partyingBreaking the books or making themSnort and scream and sing […]

One Small Scene: “He was my enemy too at one time.”

The words themselves suggest a lightness, something pensive or forgiving when it is of nothing of the sort, espoused by a jolly dictator about to turn: “You’re just like your father! Ha ha! Always wanting the Republic! Ha ha ha ha! He was my enemy too at one time.” I had no idea Brian Blessed could be terrifying, much like […]


To see the world differentlyIsn’t like a photographEverything changesAnd nothingChop woodBefore and afterEnlightenmentOur muscles changeThe surety in our bodiesMildness of speechAnd that hidden senseThat drinks in dataAnd feels the brush of water in our mind. Like a swan and its sickly nestWhy does it go there?Seek shelter and associateThat is what I amThe sicknessThe oil slickThat stains with thick emotionsIron […]

Character Analysis: Elric of Melniboné

The embodiment of the addictive power, a moralistic parasite, a questioner. All Elric is, his physical, magical, even mental strength is subject to flux. The character is never quite in command of the situation, and a testament to the power of the arcane and unknowable as much as the Conan character Michael Moorecock enjoyed enough to pose a dualistic mirror […]

Miura Music

What GodsAnd Souls there areIn quiet contemplation No restA pace turned tohorror from beautyand frigid desire once more Humanity warswith its own restThe instant and the infinite. A poem written listening to ‘Guts’, a song from the 1989 Berserk series. Dedicated to the creators, and the hauntingly beautiful work of Kentaro Miura. By J.W.H Hobbs

KOTOR II Companion Analysis: Kreia II.

“To believe in an ideal, is to be willing to betray it.” Much is made of Kreia’s quote about betrayal, an interesting consideration of the nature of truly following ideals: “The galaxy needs its betrayers, especially in the times to come.” While something auguring a dark time and worse to come (applicable both in-setting, and also to the modern age […]


While fun And fury To speak of monsters Spear the serpents Cast down the cataract Pull fangs of politicians And look to Beauty Grace and gilded Heroes. By J.W.H. Hobbs.