KOTOR II Companion Analysis: Kreia I.

[The following article gives heavy spoilers for Knights of the Old Republic I and II.] Last but not least, fittingly we come to the unseen dominator of the KOTOR II companions. Seemingly impossible not to include writing about even in articles not centred upon her, Kreia equals this importance in game, possessing a seemingly unending amount of observations, criticisms, teachings […]

The Artist

Airless Mouth pulled Down And I would be Unable to Say Speak And hardly with words Will never articulate The rawness of honesty Such as No distant figure Paint or other picture Has made me Experience A nearness The Artist Has given. By J.W.H. Hobbs.

How Retinues Reflect Tyrion Lannister

While I really enjoyed Alt Shift X’s look into Tyrion Lannister and don’t have an interest in writing a broad article about the character, I noticed an aspect of the individual and something pertinent to many feudal stories that escaped notice somewhat: the importance of a powerful character’s retinue. When purely considering the literature, rather than a case of more […]

Character Analysis: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce

While famous for irreverent comedy, blending a given demon of the week with quips and a tight cast, the transition from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Angel lent itself to surprising depth. In shows that continue on for a while, logically there is the opportunity for side characters in one setting to gain prominence, and all too reasonable to see […]

Combe Down

A beautiful painting Then and now to recall Without context But no amount of bitterness dries the colour No sound can sap the shade And set in my head That image of coming home to love In a sun drenched and light soaked city The warmth from windowpanes Sheen of the western sun Marble stones and marble statues Will never […]

Bin Men and The New Scientist

Are they reading the paper? One of them is reading something. A couple of voices add something in, that even memory cannot furnish for me. But the cover I recognise. It’s something my stepdad has showed me many times, lending me copies since I was 13. I hear their points about gravity and black holes. What physics conversation, or even […]

The Few

General faithlessness The casual or swaying nature of those reluctant to join eager to believe the worst and dismiss the best the rest the majority of men and women count for little because the great loyalty of those Few, true friends unbending Stolid workers faithful and unmoving There may be a handful in one lifetime But like one sheepdog amongst […]

A Look at the Lens: Farscape

A diamond in the rough, that looks like a rough diamond. If you want original science fiction, truly original and not a rehash of what Star Trek or Wars covered before, Farscape is it. Truly alien in every sense, by intention. Cobbled together design, without the now fairly typical junker aesthetic. Sense of plot and the quest, with the element […]