Written off the cuff, for Someone

You remind me of the sunrise Rose, flesh and warm shades Coming to cold night And the sight Thrilling and expectant Newness and for one Hopeful and unsatisfied I wonder which dawn you bring Is part of lights and days I’ve dreamed. Never forget; for every bit of glass you step on there is a light. Every dull day meets […]

Harry Potter: Jealousy as Poison to Love

Love, the acceptance of death, protection and unveiling of mysteries are the constantly reinforced lifeblood of JK Rowling’s seminal series. But underneath the vein of love, given a blunt, transmutative and literal magical power, later books delving into domineering and sadistic personalities portray the corruption and negative expression of human feeling in another more sinister human feeling we experience and […]

You are the Hand

Stop feeding The people Who insult you While you pay for their service By J.W.H Hobbs. I got the idea from a Chris Eubanks interview, and found it very inspiring. If you care to be part of the hand for us, we would be honoured.

Mud and Fertiliser

Strength comes from high and low places. Argument is meaningless, often entrenching people further in a contrary belief. I have, likewise, never seen complaining do anything more than fill time, and bring an addictive, low level entertainment that you could find by simply discussing the day, or watching the average comedy show. It is a matter of perspective, but I […]

The Voices of Invigilata

“Greetings, Astartes”. The wobbling, reverberating quality of the Titan machine’s speakers, represented in the moving calligraphy style also gives birth to a voice layered with feminine welcome and basso impression. “Waste no time on pleasantries. Stormherald wakes, and soon I must walk. Speak”. I have never heard a quality quite like it, how effectively a character’s dialogue conveys confusion, removal […]

While Reading Wordsworth

Traveling through all the nightA path before indigo valleysOf mind, memory and the soulAnd in this writer’s wordsI feel kinshipAnd the unspooled travelsLike my own. Sweet sadnessAnd sense in the senseless realm of deathMy hope, the prints of a former manWho calls to me in the dark woods. Alike in speech and mindAnd it would have been well to speakTo […]

The Shifting Medium: An Example

I want to delve a little further into a previous article, discussing The Shifting Nature of Documentaries, and give an example of what I mean by a successful documentary channel thriving and original in its expression and productivity. In this case; ‘The People Profiles’ channel began with the express purpose of trying to produce television quality old fashioned documentaries, with […]