They Scream Their Song

Long dust ingenuesFigment languagesPromises of whatMay be with sacrificeAll scream their songIn my earsAll pre-dawnAnd ink-night long Their callTo where I’ve yet to goPulls me where I roamRemembered smilesUntired and unwilling toNot tryEvery errant complimentEvery sting of skinCramp, nosebleedAnxious hidden momentsNo one but mirrors see For the able livingAnd the grandiose goneSing their songAnd I cannot be otherAnd wishing to […]

KOTOR II Companion Analysis: The Handmaiden

[The following article gives heavy spoilers for Knights of the Old Republic I and II.] As with The Exile, The Disciple, The Twin Suns; many characters are named by their role or given a cognomen rather than a straightforward name, many due to circumstance also as is the case with Canderous being Mandalore. Brianna is interesting in the sense of […]

Old and Grey

That is a lifeOld and greyWith those we loveWhether we call it thatShownIn how they liveFor were we ever aliveIfWhen set to dieIt was not all for them? Old and greyWan and paleNear deathBloody and stayedLet colour and tearsWith life and timeBe given to them Old and greyIn deathOne’s heart never ends. By J.W.H. Hobbs.

One Small Scene: “When this world began…”

[Spoilers from Boardwalk Empire, Season 4 will follow] After excusing herself to go on stage and sing for the crowd, Dr Valentin Narcisse buttons on his shirt, adjusts his moustache, and settles himself in front of a backstage mirror to listen to Daughter Maitland sing. The cresting voice rises, and as his eyes close and the tune begins its first […]

Inspired by Pen and Watercolour at Work

When we cannot nameDo not writeOr know A new songPlayed by one we likeAs with moonlight guidancePoor on phonesBut undying in my mind So much sweeter to the memoryIneffably different is what luckPlaces in our handsSweetened in our headsTreasured in eternity By J.W.H. Hobbs. I wrote this at lunch, and the inspiration came clearly seeing some of the creative people […]

KOTOR II Companion Analysis: Visas Marr

[The following article gives heavy spoilers for Knights of the Old Republic I and II.] Visas Marr begins the game as a combatant and assassin, and from the beginning of her unexpected attack and induction KOTOR II starts early with exploiting audience expectations to think very hard about notions of betrayal and slavery. The notion of apocalypse, not war but […]

Pretty Pointers

When the look of someone Makes you consider your ugliness Vow to be beautiful And put old flames in your blood Every Adonis is an opportunity for us. By J.W.H. Hobbs

Character Analysis: Samus Aran

Credit: Chriskot One of the most distinctive characters of the Nintendo staple, a very early heroine; it is perhaps bemusing but accurate to compare Samus Aran to the Mario character. Popular in appearance, in the satisfaction of gameplay and marketing. Where we do not really consider -aside from the inventive RPG titles- concepts such as role and gender for Mario […]

Solitary Labour

Three desks Three minds By deeds alone are we known. The knowing is one thing And walking the path A more terrible, yet more ethereal reality To go inwards is to ascend In layers difficult to see Only perceive when they are over In the social language spread by words Image and sound, intent and action The major Forms within […]