KOTOR II Companion Analysis: The Disciple

[The following article gives heavy spoilers for Knights of the Old Republic I and II.] Of all the KOTOR II companions, this one is cloistered and aberrant in quite a bookish and straightforward environment. His stolid, expository tone and affable demeanour seems out of place given how much it contrasts the other males, how he seems out of place among […]


Beauty Beauty everywhere In pain and euphoria Such chilling, blistering, blinding Beauty bleeding throughout the world. By J.W.H. Hobbs To write is beautiful, as is the knowledge you’re reading this.

The Shifting Medium of Documentaries

If I were to mention the word ‘documentary’ to you, what would you think? If you were not taken to imagine the scenic shows covering the geography, flora and fauna of the Earth? The fact is, television fails to provide anything save stale World War II, alien theories, and mean-spirited caricatures of treasure hunters and workers toiling in remote locations. […]


I will endure this.  Or not.   Regardless,    I live right now and that is everything. I hope you like it, have a good Tuesday. By J.W.H. Hobbs

KOTOR II Companion Analysis: HK-47

[The following article gives heavy spoilers for Knights of the Old Republic I and II.] HK-47 is a character that the writing team could clearly allow to play out, fitting entirely within the tone and atmosphere of both games where many others could not. And as with Mandalore, this opportunity was taken to enhance the lore and give HK an […]

The Gate

If you know you die here Or don’t Why not give it everything Against all comers When the deed is done All actions written At the line and boundary Let them come As ink for your glory. Every day there’s breathing, there’s great things being done. Not a day goes by where there’s not new writing. If you feel like […]

Reader’s Recommendation: Sigismund: The Eternal Crusader

“We are all nothing until we decide what to become.” This was good. Shockingly good, and I knew the moment I ordered it the novella would be an enjoyable read. John French since Praetorian of Dorn has hardly let any Imperial Fist enthusiasts down, and he understands how to write a good yarn for their particular sensibilities as much as […]


Every soul carries a skeletonWaiting to restBut where? Every bone can be polishedTapped, set, or scratchedBut why? Every life has its goodAnd bad, and what we live forBut when? We move the bonesWe wake and restAll these; only ourselves can answer. By J.W.H. Hobbs If you wouldn’t mind, consider a donation.

Reader’s Recommendation: Godborn, by Dan Davis

How many fantasy tales of the Bronze Age are there? I’ve only heard of one, mostly because I just finished reading it. Godborn is as enjoyable as I expected, an original gem like an amber stone. Earthy, bone and spear tales of what one might associate with the prehistoric or our mythic cycle. There’s roots here of the first tribes […]