Easier, or Better?

 Much easier to call yourself a God    In these times     Than aspire to be Good. Much simpler to say things are not simple    And chant the inevitable doom of man      Than smile and make way for your neighbour. Much sweeter to be rich and sick and surrender    Than know past and present     Where kind […]

KOTOR II Companion Analysis: GOTO

[The following article gives heavy spoilers for Knights of the Old Republic I and II.] “You do not know the indignity of being compelled to save something you do not believe can – or should – be saved. It is beneath me.” I find this is a great line, much like the fantastically verbose rant on hate from Harlan Ellison’s […]


Evil never sees until it is too late It weeps when safe And the broken body The snapped dreams Beat down psyches And harm Has already been done For the pride and greed Spite washed down with envy Stay even in ‘redemption’ So very sorry With not a tear Not a sigh of lament And all of the endless Petulant […]

Weather Lessons

The warmth and splendour of wind and lighting can be appreciated from the window like the happy neighbour sitting out in summer sun or my skin shaken in morning air has layers of appreciation eyes and touch feeding our senses weather waking awareness I hope the weather’s lovely outside for you. J.W.H Hobbs

Character Analysis: Benjamin Sisko

The greatest Commander, promoted to Capitan, from the series that aged best. Star Trek may have elected to forget Sisko and his crew existed while Voyager, the films, and the reboot bloated and declined in quality; but many audience members didn’t. And I would suggest both Star Trek and science fiction fans take a look at Sisko’s series. Sir Patrick […]

The Boss Dog

Thin black dogNot like the littleBrown and whiteLiving his last today Down streets already a memoryStrangers bereft of the appellationScenes set in a score of daysStill walking under greyCobblestones, pavement and sky Composed somehowMan’s best friendCertainly mine will die todayAnd my words mark itAs much as the tears in his fur Cradling himNow holding phone picturesNot my friendTo my heart. […]

Reader’s Recommendation: Chivalry, by Maurice Keen

There is nothing quite like reading the pleasure of a concise classic. As one feels appreciating the size of The Book of Five Rings or Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, it’s brilliant to read a work that’s so intelligently written, it has respect for the content and your time. Chivalry is absolutely packed, with source material, period appropriate historic artwork, and […]

Black Dog at Night

Thunk thunk thunkA spot of black in the gloomRustle of movement at night But I smile and snortCalling outFor the little Dachshund dogSnuck in at night Nothing to fearFor what simplerElusive and pleasant pleasure Than the flow state ofUnderstanding somethingKnowing there is no need to be afraidAnd a simple connection with other animals? All the best,J.W.H. Hobbs