Constructive Possibilities

Like conversation
Is never
And will never be
Words alone

No theory
Half-shrouded superiority
Of the introvert scholar
The youth confused
And seeking better than what they are
Substitutes what can be

To be is to live
And ‘living’ is not mere sentience
There is no teamwork
No growth
Or one satisfying achievement
Without the advantage of disadvantage

How willing are you to admit
Fear of facing others
Share that anxiety for a moment?
This has many edges
Far sweeter than maudlin emotion

Are you ready to laugh?
To handle the sight of smiles
Make like threading roots
Affiliations and inside amusement

Can you accept a role
And strangers becoming less strange
It is of little difference

To training
Physical labour
For the simple reason
Soul is tested the same

In pushing the unknown
In seeking out the discomfort
You will never, never rise
Without it.

In a matter of minutes
Days, weekdays
The urbane and alone sensations wipe clean
When seeing the slightest shape changes
Of possibility.

One poem of a pair, inspired by working with The Prince’s Trust. Very creatively rewarding to have worked with them; I hope whatever true teamwork you have today goes very well.
All the best,

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