Character Analysis: Heather Mason

It’s very enjoyable to experience the journey of a teenage heroine that actually has something to offer in terms of investment and personality. Heather isn’t a microphone for screaming, a pithy empowerment message or blank slate. Heather Morris (the original voice actress, I know Amanda Winn-Lee was the HD voice but Morris is the voice I automatically think of) really […]

Sir Dinadan, Percival and Gwain

No knight shines.Smoke, steel, and saltAshen earth and littered linesHour to hour, and only time to time The knight restsAnd such a moment merely testsResolve undauntingTasks impossible Yet to wrestAny justice from this worldAnd mouth but a single courtesyReduce any shade from haunting One of the table supportingShedding blood in worthinessService, or loveAlone, not slaved to pretty liesTo fairweather air […]

KOTOR II Companion Analysis: Mira

[The following article gives heavy spoilers for Knights of the Old Republic I and II.] “There’s a lot of lost people out there scattered ever since the Mandalorian Wars. Sometimes it’s like you can almost hear them, like an echo calling out for each other. And maybe, just maybe by finding them I can start putting the galaxy back together.” […]

Grown Back Garden

The sound of running rainSet tufts of gold and greenUnruly as my own hairAnd beckoningTo be mowed and tidiedConsistentlyLike the other chores and challengesTo elevate my life. Nothing waitsThe sigh of falling waterShoots of grass and root and weedOnly the mind makes tangles and hasslesWhen we do not face themAnd learn from simple things Cycle as the passing seasonsRise and […]

The Cut

Abrupt It severs Indecision Forever hated And yet it Pulls and calls Those who conceive What it is to do What is hard and the end Made by decision Creation and destruction Reason and action To split what is From what could be Release a creation End a misfortune Affect a reputation Survive an invasion Defend, protect, cultivate Carve, conquer, […]

KOTOR II Companion Analysis: Mandalore

[The following article gives heavy spoilers for Knights of the Old Republic I and II.] Still the best Mandalorian in my view, a hard-bitten companion in two very good games. You owe it to yourself to listen to John Cygan’s excellent voice acting if the fictional warrior culture appeals to you. I can’t sell it enough. If Jon Favreau wants […]

Meditations of Our Mistakes

A man can change from what he is judged to bethe mixture of his own failings and enemy rumour. In the sun of our resolutionsSkin prickled by our mistakes Over months and years of stumblingWe wake to see what struggles made us become. A poem written while reading Musashi, by Eiji Yoshikawa.J.W.H Hobbs.

One Small Scene: Leaves from the Vine

In an episode divided into vignettes already, the ending of Iroh’s particular story of a day in Ba Sing Se punctuates a very quiet, but very poignant scene about help and heartbreak. At the culmination, in a scene as long as two sentences and a song, the old man speaks to a portrait coming into view. After helping a would-be […]