The Unforgotten

A pregnant spaceAn empty chairAll the signsOf what lay there No scent in the airNor presence of heatSave in the mindAnd memories Where it is brightFair as the sunWhat was, and loveBecome as one A fallen friendOr lover’s hairSighted or notIn the mind Just Right there. By J.W.H Hobbs

KOTOR II Companion Analysis: Atton Rand

[The following article gives heavy spoilers for Knights of the Old Republic I and II.] As mentioned in the series introduction, as the first humanoid companion to be introduced, and also filling the temporary role of ‘protagonist’ while The Exile is incapacitated for a brief section in Nar Shaddaa provides the option to be more immersed and empathetic towards Atton […]


Rather than the missingThe disdainful or unwantingConsider those who respectDesire and admire youUnseen or you forgot. By J.W.H Hobbs Interesting in supporting us? Consider being a patron of ours.

On The Name

As many of you will know, Nemean is a name that’s familiar in mythology. It’s hardly the only name for an organisation either (although I have to say the gigantic list of other things called Nemean looked as daunting afterwards as much as it affirmed being quite a cool name). So why was it chosen? Nothing to do with keywords, […]

Unto Dawn

Become a monument to idealsTo your DreamsYour familiesYour deitiesThe gifts given to youThe joy you createThe sunsets you witnessAnd riseAn engine of gloryA heart like a starBright on the firmamentBlushing the moonRise up, and triumph. By J.W.H Hobbs

KOTOR II Companion Analysis: T3-M4

[The following article gives heavy spoilers for Knights of the Old Republic I and II.] Before playing The Exile, at the very beginning of the story we do not see the world from the eyes of a former Jedi; or even a humanoid. The first character to be controlled, the companion and temporary protagonist immediately after the opening crawl is […]

The Hunt

Chest tightHot on the heelsOf the prize Elusive and unguardedLeaving only tracksBroken leaves or marked trees The scent and sight of a dreamAs much a sightFrom the hunter’s belly The nose for achievementBridging the distanceOf it in sight And caughtTo savour and holdAnd make us whole. By J.W.H Hobbs Hope you’re having a good week, if interested please consider a […]

Character Analysis: Arrian Zorzi

[Spoilers regarding the Fabius Bile series, and Horus Heresy arcs concerning the World Eaters and Emperor’s Children Legions will follow.] From a literary perspective, the World Eaters have come a very, very long way. Always popular, but they have become popular and complex subjects of novels as well as one of the most recognisable factions with the most often repeated […]

The Stage

Where lights blind the sightsAnd the stage is afireIt’s time to speak and shout and sendYourself across to them. You can’t see or followThe chairs, screams or sorrowsOf the many gathered throngAll watching one speech, dance or song And your art and heart’s caught in the throat. Only your gut and pregnant pauseRecite not write is right come the timeWhen […]