On Our Art Style

Within this website, you will have noticed our preference of shade over colour. Black and white. The reasoning was simple, but if you don’t mind, one with a story I would like to share. Art comes from something beyond us, usually with ingredients, gears, and efforts unseen by many parties. The idea to make it this way is simple: to be clear, to be distinct; but primarily to honour my stepfather.

As a colour-blind (or monochromat, as he prefers, and I believe may be a technical term) person who has difficulties with certain colour fixated signs, directions, and the rudeness people give him regarding his positions, his insights into colour made me appreciate it and examine my perceptions. His preference for blue exists only because that is Tottenham Hotspur’s colour, his favourite team. Pink and yellow are ‘off white’. He notices many details of pattern, and has significantly better vision in the dark than I. We’ve had so many discussions, about the cones, questioning perceptions, wondering at something so taken for granted by both of us. How we see, or sense as well rather, when you consider that there are people and other animals that navigate without our own assumed eyes.

Just attempting to do this, trying to filter the colours of images showed the unpleasant, somewhat unwelcoming elements of assumption. Unwilling to compromise, a number of attractive images present within WordPress were not accommodating whatsoever. The notion that I would want to alter these images, that they should be anything but ubiquitous and colour vision the only possibility made me think a great deal. And while the sudden rush of amateur photography has not lead to the crispest of images; never the less, being able to install photographs that I know are available, and in the monochromatic style has been rewarding in the same way as baking a cake in the kitchen. Bit crispy, can’t make icing to save my life, but with a more wholesome flavour.

It was the perfect time to do so. I remember these discussions inspiring some of my philosophy studies at school, and also factored into a large prose project which I will reveal when the work in question is accepted for publishing. Another person’s different perception of the world, a unique experience entirely at odds with my own is exactly the same inspiring phenomenon of reading an educational work of literature, or observing a historical painting.

I find it challenging, distinct, and satisfying to have created. And that is all I want in art, what I want from life. To try something that feels interesting, and if it is new, different or sticks in the mind, that is all to the good. This choice is mine, but I am certain that you have another. A choice behind the detail. An aesthetic with a story. As with the details on a guitar, a lucky shirt, or a treasured heirloom we have these things, and I would invite you to share them as they offer a deal of joy and consideration.

Wherever possible we will maintain the monochromatic quality, and show each person gazing at the site a glimpse of his life. I find it educational personally, and it may be that to you, or simply an art style. But what I have looked forward to is the thought that my stepdad can see this website, and know that all the world sees it as he does, that within this place, in a sense the world looks through his eyes. That means something to me. And I hope, with that little story, it leaves something to ponder as well.

All the best, until next week.

J.W.H. Hobbs

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