The Art of Opening Up

Spring is here. The first thing that comes to mind about it is the blossom tree that rises up to my window. All pink and white, with the garden below bursting with grass. I’ve noticed stalks coming out of them, out of the potted plants I’ve enjoyed growing. I don’t know the details, but I’m sure you’ve noticed too. There’s a taste in the air as much as the one in winter. Something you can’t bottle, nothing named. But it’s been building, ready to loose. And now something has, it’s breaking like rain.

It occurred to me that this thought of spring, that unfolding in nature is also very abundant with human beings right now. Opening up socially. We are free to engage with people. And like all of the plants, the bees and the birds, the fish and the fowl; it is good to get out and talk to people. We are a social animal, confined for far too long.

I see a very different world outside to the one a month ago. Glimpses of the long past, and the past of a year ago people in every shade and colour of clothes. The misery, number of frowns, and ill content have halved, at the very least. Just as the ill times, the thunderclouds are something we meet, this is a time I think to acknowledge the opportunity in the best possible way. We make sure to gird ourselves from the cold. But now, I would recommend trying something in the spirit of the season. Is that rush in your blood suggesting you give someone a call? Is the venture you wanted ready? Maybe that holiday you’re planning for the New Year, what if you took it?

How much happiness is there in a friendly conversation? Can it be quantified? I know for certain that it’s like pollen, spreading absolutely everywhere. And the blooms it brings build up all our successes. The worth of this is confirmed in my eyes by you reading this, for there being a website to read. Because the time was right. After planning and drafting, and designing it was time to introduce this all to you. It is not something I could have imagined, and still surprises me. And this is only one thing, to say nothing of the ideas you are likely about to make headway in or complete already. So many qualifications to win and businesses to start and new relationships waiting to begin.


Originally the bones of this article were created for the My Art Uplifts website, where I wrote articles as a volunteer. With my commitments for them over for now, and much of this article already written I thought it best to put it to use and post it. I hope you enjoyed it. Works in a similar vein can be found here. These have a distinct tone to them, and a flavour which I wouldn’t mind putting on Nemean® as well, but that’s up to you to decide.

All the best today,

J.W.H. Hobbs

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