Introductory Article

Hello! Welcome to the site. It’s a pleasure to join you here within the Journal’s first article.

New uploads come every two days: on Tuesdays we upload a new poem, and every Thursday there will be a new article posted on Nemean® for you to read. Philosophy and art criticism are the primary areas that come to mind when contemplating exactly what I will write here in the Journal; although of course there will also be the regular poetry uploads.

A series of topics I’m drafting and considering are book reviews, of novels in my collection that give a brief overview (are they worth reading, enjoyability relative to their series et cetera), and an in depth discussion of arcs or a particular character is something I have wanted to explore in the past. Examples off the top of my head would include The Primarchs series from Black Library, The Witcher and the works of Isaac Asimov (primarily the Robots and Foundation sagas). A series Nemean® fully intends to create is a character analysis series of a number of video games, for example Planescape Torment and Knights of the Old Republic II. Additionally, opinion pieces, different thoughts on connectivity and general musings that seem worthwhile can be seen on here. I do my absolute best to avoid preachworthy attitudes and topics of that nature. We appreciate keeping focused and efficient written articles that don’t go on too long; on average the article length aims for 750 to 1000 words, longer depending upon the series and the nature of what’s being discussed.

There will be a teething process as we grow into our abilities, making corrections and improvements when receiving feedback and when making routine checks and improvements to the website. All feedback is welcome and Nemean® is glad to make the introduction with you now right at the ground floor. Ultimately, the best descriptor of style or content is what you read. What you’ve read lets you know about me so far, and ultimately my actions rather than plans will keep your interest or not.

I hope to see you next week. All the best.

J.W.H. Hobbs

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